Monthly Archive: May, 2017

Canberra – Handmade Market

Canberra is so much more than just a city of roundabouts, politicians and weird bus shelters – it’s home to a wonderful creative community, good coffee that rivals those served in Melbourne by bearded baristas and a Handmade Market that trumps all others.


Talking Trash – Food Waste

  Last night I broke my all time record of expletives uttered whilst watching a TV show. The amazing and shocking War on Waste had me saying “holy bananas” (among other words) and shaking my… Continue reading

Sydney Finders Keepers Market

Featuring a veritable smorgasbord of independent designers, makers and artisans from all across Australia, The Finders Keepers design Market gives you the chance to meet and shop unique pieces direct from some of Australia’s… Continue reading

Riding Time

Nothing quite compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike, the wind whipping against your face as the landscape whizzes by. With each rotation of the legs you know you’re getting closer to your destination or… Continue reading