Talking Trash – Food Waste


Last night I broke my all time record of expletives uttered whilst watching a TV show. The amazing and shocking War on Waste had me saying “holy bananas” (among other words) and shaking my head in horror and disbelief at the amount of food that goes to waste here in Australia. The waste we generate as a nation is growing at twice the rate of our population, the average Aussie family throws out a staggering $3500 dollars worth of food each year. Craig Reucassel told us that the total amount of food waste generated by Australian businesses and households in a year equals 3.3 million tons, that volume would fill the MCG 6 times over. It’s a horrid thought to think that there are people going hungry while food goes to waste – it’s darn confronting and something needs to change.

Banana Waste

A day of one QLD’s farms discarded Bananas – Image Source: ABC

I think for me one of the most mind boggling fact revealed was that up to 40% of bananas are thrown away by farmers because they don’t fit the cosmetic standards set by supermarkets. If a banana is too curvy, too straight, too long, too short, too skinny or too fat it is considered unfit for sale. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t care about the size or shape of my Banana, I just want my banana to taste like a banana, in the words of Gwen Stefani – “This Sh–t is Bananas”.


Let’s tell our Supermarkets – #SizeDoesntMatter and that we want to see all shapes and sizes of vegetables and fruits on our shelves. Image source: ABC 

We as consumers need to tell the Supermarkets how we feel about the unrealistic aesthetic standards set for food – email them, get on the socials and show them with your shop. I don’t know about you but I love a crazy carrot, quirky quince, peculiar pear and abnormal apple. I grow tired of seeing perfectly boring straight zucchini and cucumbers in the stores, and welcome more real vegetables and fruit hitting the shelves instead of going to waste.

What do you do to cut down on food waste? We’d love to hear of ways you fight this War on Waste – please feel free to comment below.