Let there be light

After many years of dreaming, planning and developing in the Tread & Pedals Upcycling Studio and Workshop we can now light up the night with our Bike Lamps and we couldn’t be more excited.Β 

Bike Table Lamp - Upcycled Bicycle Chain - Tread and Pedals - Gifts for Cyclists

Bike Table Lamp by Tread & Pedals – this industrial beauty has been handcrafted from upcycled bicycle chain and a SRAM cassette and would be sure to light up the life of any cyclist.Β 

There truly is something wonderful about seeing something you’ve been working on for some time (try 6 years) come to life and no longer be an item on the drawing board. To be able to see it sitting physically in front of you, to flick the switch and see your creation come to life… well there’s nothing quite like it.

Bike Part Art - Lamp - Tread and Pedals - Gifts for Cyclists.

The shadows cast by this re-purposed Bicycle Parts Lamp are truly mesmerizing – the chain still moves, as do the shadows when you play with the chain.

This weekend just past we exhibited at the wonderful Handmade Market in Canberra and had a chance to share our new line of Bike Gear Lights, Bike Chain Chandeliers and Bike Table Lamps with the many people that flooded the venue. Sharing new items at a Craft Fair or Design Expo is a great way for us to be able to gauge interest in new items, sometimes they make the cut and sometimes they need a little tweaking and end up back on the drawing board. To cut a long story short and save you from my rambling, we sold out, and we think that’s a pretty clear vote from the people that we should make some more. This week we’ll be rolling up our sleeves in the Tread & Pedals studio and workshop and making some more of our Bike Lamps.

In the words of Ron Burgundy “Do you really love the lamp?”